Retrieve infos received with messages from the bot framework

hey is it possible to retrieve id conversation ,name and serviceUrl of the users of the channel BotFramework in rasa ? does rasa expose this info received with user messages ? Thank you

Welcome to the rasa forum Ayoub!

There is great documentation around getting the conversation id which is also sender id at Reminders and External Events.

Retrieval of the name depends on your implementation in the Bot Framework. You might have to call external API to fetch name using the conversation id/sender id either in bot framework channel code or do it in your actions where you require the name.

What do you mean by service URL, could you please elaborate?

Thank you for the answer. the framwork bot sends a message with id_conversation, service_url, the name and some other information on http: // localhost: 5005 / webhooks / botframework / webhook

here is the infos

i m trying to avoid adding new lines to just in case there would be an upgrade. so is there a way to retrive this data without passing by the

I used Bot Framework Emulator to simulate the info and compare the data getting sent to Rasa.

I could only find the recipient id for the user in the rasa tracker, and you can get that using tracker.sender_id. This id is also the conversation id in Rasa.

If you are using MS Teams as your frontend, maybe you can fetch other details in your and store it in a slot for further usage. I have explained about getting the details related to the user (name, email, groups) at this link MS Teams client & Rasa & Azure authentication - #2 by nchauras.

I am not sure about the service URL. I will dig deeper into the code and let you know if I find something.

Maybe someone else in the forum has an idea about it.