Retreive past conversation

My requirement is to ask the user to continue with the half-completed story if the user has left a story unfinished. I want to pick up events in the last 24 hours and then by-default ask the user if she wants to continue from where she left. Can this be done in Rasa?

@arpit1012 Have you looked into sessions and custom actions?

@arpit1012 The approach you thinking, is not a best practice nowadays, till the time you have the login details of the users or auth process to fetch from the stored database? Tell me nowadays if you not using Gmail or any other site whilst you left the sessions incomplete or unfinished are you able to work back again No, they closed the sessions for you and till the time you login in back again. Same in domain file we mention the session:

  session_expiration_time: 60  # value in minutes, 0 means infinitely long
  carry_over_slots_to_new_session: true  # set to false to forget slots between sessions

But, when you will deploy this on a server, you will waste your CPU, RAM, and other resources whilst, your session can be active and ping request is active. So it’s a waste.

I hope my points are clear. Do see other chatbots and you will be able to get the more clear idea.