Restart the conversation

hi, can someone help me? how can i made the conversation restart?

You can use /restart command in shell or interface or declare action_restart at end of your stories.

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thank you … this helped

@MuraliChandran14 Thanks for your help. I have another question how can i make the bot start the conversation? And about the association with messenger, ngrok gives a non static address because at every time i restart it it gives me another address, so how can i get a static address??


You have to send an initial message to the bot like /bot start, and hide it on the front-end and bot will reply back. So user can starts normal conversation with your bot.

I used ngrok to get https: for testing different channels that needs https support and one among is facebook, As facebook being facebook not supporting http on the development side :unamused:

You can try different URL generators that provide static ip address or you can wait for next update from Rasa where they provide https: support on webhooks. :grinning:

thanks for your help and disponibility