REST API with Rasa form


I am trying to integrate Rasa Opensource with my backend server. I want to get a response in JSON form.

Is there any API that will respond to the user’s input (according to stories I set) as well as return the slots values rasa got from the form?

Thank you

Hey @popoiuioopp,

Please have a look at this: Rasa Open Source Documentation

Hi, Thank you for your response.

I assume that the API I need to use is this. But it seems like it doesn’t give anything other than the intent of the input. I want something like http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook and the slots rasa got from the Rasa form. Is there anything like that I missed?

I don’t think rasa gives anything like this in default. But I think you can try to write a custom action as form output where along with response it can return you the list of slots set if you want to use in REST API endpoint. I’m not sure why /model/parse is not giving you a list of entities.