Add froms in rasa bot

hello everyone, Can anyone help me by telling how to add a form to get multiple information from user instead of slot filling. Thank you so much in advance.

With regards, Avinash S Kurup

Hello @technophile_2507 I am looking into that and trying. Once I get it done then I will be able to help you with rasa forms.


Prashant Kamble

Thank you so much. Is there something called rasa forms ?

Yeah @technophile_2507 you can use it for getting more than one info form user and store it in a slots. as per my understanding little more I also need to explore pal. we will connect once I get hands on.


Prashant Kamble

Okay i will also explore

@technophile_2507 For more information, check Slot Filling

Am sorry @rbossie I cannot go to this link. it says 404 not found.

I want to create somethong like this

As far as I know, that isn’t possible with Rasa.

The way to go would be to use Rasa forms, and ask for the name and email. That was where the link was supposed to guide you to, but I just saw that in your initial post you wanted something else then slot filling.

If you do want to use slot filling check:

Hi @rbossie , Thank you so much @prashant_kamble said he is working on Rasaforms. Let’s us hope for the best.

It is not possible show you how to create forms and you wont get it clearly for Rasa Docs visit here: Forms and for youtube video visit here: