Responses not Generated - No Memorised Next action

I am working with the basic RASA Tutorials

My Problem Definition:

I have 3 basic intents - greet / thankyou/ Flight_Options Story - Greet → Flight_Option → Thank you My response for Flight_options has 2 slots - FromCity and ToCity I train my core and NLU I initiate the model with python -m -d models/dialogue -u models/current/nlu

  1. When I provide an input - the NER happens perfectly ( which I can see in the debug mode) But I get the issue of NO next memorized action

Ex: I want to fly from New York to London → Slots are extracted which can be viewed in debug → But says no next memorized action I have tried max_history and augmentation but it has not worked so far I would like to understand what the problem is

  1. When I provide an input WITHOUT SLOT VALUES - The Intent is identified and the response is provided

Ex: Input -" I want to fly" → intent Identified → Response is " Here are your Flight options from None to None" Which is supposed to be " Here are your Flight options from (FromCity) to (ToCity)" Since slot values are not present. This response is valid

Could some one point me to why this is happening?

Regards Prasanth

“I want to fly” → Intent recognition happens and Response with Empty slots (None value) provided

I want to fly from Chennai to New York → NER Happens → But Next response not recognized