Response message should contain space

Inside of my I print multiple utter-templates with dispatcher.utter_message() in the same function.
For example I have this output:

Pro 100g sind 0.5 Gramm Fett enthalten.Verhältnismäßig ist das wenig.Möchtest du noch etwas wissen? which consists of three utter_xyz template messages.
Unfortunately the different sentences are not separated by a space.

My utter-template look like this: - text: " Im Vergleich ist das viel. " which contains a space at the beginning and end but it is removed when returned to the user.

Is there a way to keep there spaces?

Kind regards Andi

I don’t think you can do that within the response template, but this may work for you:

dispatcher.utter_message(" ")

Thanks! :slight_smile: