Reset the Slot and go to previous intent

Hi, My name is Ajesh. I am new to Rasa and working on a fresh install of the Open Source Rasa Instance.

I have an Action Button which the user can use to reset the Slot - “servername” and the Python class looks like below.

class ServerReset(Action): def name(self): return “action_server_reset” def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain): dispatcher.utter_message(“Reset Complete!”) return [ SlotSet(“servername”, None) ]

Right now, the action utters - “Reset Complete!”. However I want the conversation to not end and start from the previous intent that triggered the action - “action_server_reset”. So that right after the user resets the Slot - “servername” the bot should try to fill the slot by uttering the corresponding response and go back to the previous intent. This should allow the user the reset the Slot - “servername” multiple times and get response from the bot against different servernames.

Please help me understand how can I achieve this. Thanks!