How reset action(current running actions) But not reset slot value?

How reset action(current running actions) But not reset slot value ? I want to reset only actions not slot. is it possible .

Hi @dharmu

what do you mean by reset an action? Of you want to end running the action, why not simply return an empty list in the run method?


i have flight booking chatbot and i have also filter system after result

user : i want to book from ABC to CDE for tomorrow – slot(save_from_location, save_to_location, save_date_location) these slot fill by some action action_save_from_location, action_save_to_location, action_save_date all right but when user try to do another query after previous result then bot confuse and it perform wrong action so i apply Restart() but when i apply Restart() after end of conversation then my slot value also become None But i am not want to do slot value None but i want to reset only current actions(action action_save_from_location, action_save_to_location, action_save_date) or bot previous history

Hi @dharmu

okay - so let me clarify something for myself: You want to keep slot values being saved even after restarting a story? May I ask why?

To point it out: I think you are trying to repair a situation that should not have happened while handling things properly. How about fixing things first? :slight_smile:

Why does the bot get confused? When are the slots being used from a service such that we can release them properly?


I fixed it no worry. at the time action_slot_reset and store all slot value in one slot.

like return [Restart(), (SlotSet(“slot_name”, all_slot_value_in_dictionary))