Reset session not working

I want to reset the session when a certain response is given from the user. so that in the front-end there won’t be any issue when the user comes back to a new session.

Following are the changes that I did in order to reset the session. still it’s not working.

*** nlu.yml**

  • intent: reset_session examples: |
    • reset session
    • start over
    • clear conversation
    • start a new conversation

*** stories.yml**

  • story: reset session steps:
    • intent: reset_session
    • action: reset_slots

*** domain.yml**


  • reset_session


  • MyResetSessionAction


from rasa.core.actions import Action, SlotSet

class MyResetSessionAction(Action): async def run(self, *args, **kwargs): tracker = kwargs[“tracker”] tracker.clear() return [SlotSet(“message”, “Session reset successfully”)]

Sounds like you should be calling AllSlotsReset.