Not able to reset conversation

domain.yml (1.9 KB) config.yml (481 Bytes) (11.6 KB) (1.3 KB) My use case invloves the chance of user asking for the same task again. So I need a conversation where he could execute the same form again otherwise perform other task. Ex: If user asks, run the testsuite, then execute_testsuite_form activates. But after the submit() is executed, the slots are not reset ( I’m returning Slotset for all the slots allocating it to None). This is not resetting the slots. I am also trying to restart the conversation with action_restart but may be with policies I’m using, the actions after deactivating the form are not getting executed. Even I tried to restart the conversation using a higher priority CustomPolicy.

Pls help me resolve this issue

Can you post the debug logs of what happens when you try to reset it as you’ve mentioned?

Hi Ella, Thanks for the reply. I could able to restart now using Interactive Learning.