Reset rasa and intent null

I have a problem when I parse my model the intent is null, and when I try to train again my model I get the following error: RasaNLUModelConfig(model_config), model_name) concurrent.futures.process.BrokenProcessPool: A process in the process pool was terminated abruptly while the future was running or pending. /usr/local/lib/python3.6/multiprocessing/ UserWarning: semaphore_tracker: There appear to be 1 leaked semaphores to clean up at shutdown len(cache))

and after that I have to restart rasa, help please.

to restart rasa you can add a class to like:

class ActionResetFull(Action): def name(self): return “action_reset_full”

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
    dispatcher.utter_template("utter_reset_full", tracker)
    return [Form(None), AllSlotsReset(None), Restarted(None)]

and in the slot_mappings write some thing like this:

return { “lunch_num_slot”: [self.from_entity(entity=“lunch_num_slot”), self.from_text(not_intent=[“reset”])],

of course you have to trigger action_reset_full when user input is intent reset