Reset all the events

Hi, i want to know if it is possible to reset all the events in the tracker. I’m working with RedisTrackerStore, and a tracker for each user. The problem is that the trackers have like thousands of events and the prediction of the next utterance is getting slower and slower.


won’t restart work?

no… " Instead of deleting all events, this event can be used to reset the trackers state (e.g. ignoring any past user messages & resetting all the slots)." I have already reset the tracker, and it’s ignoring the past user messages, but the events continue there…I don’t know what is the reason and the difference.

and, instead of reseting them…I see that the tracker has a property named “max_event_history”, how can it be fixed? I mean, I’m using the RedisTrackerStore, where can I specify the value of the max_event_history?

That seems odd that it’s slowing predictions. How many thousands of events are there? That also seems like an extremely high number :smiley:

@basque21 Hi, have you solve this problem? I am having the same issue.