Requested_slot not chanigng to null when slots complete

Hi, I am new to rasa and having trouble adapting the tutorials on rasa 3 forms.

The form has gone through and filled all the slots, but the resquested_slot does not change to null, that I think is the expected behaviour. When I run rasa interactive:

diagnosed_age: Child, diagnosed_when: diagnosed_under_6months, symptoms: asthma_symptoms, runnny: runny, requested_slot: runny, session_started_metadata: None

The consequence is that it keeps asking me for the last slot.

- rule: Activate risk form
  - intent: risk_assess
  - action: simple_risk_form
  - active_loop: simple_risk_form

- rule: Submit risk calculation
  - active_loop: simple_risk_form
  - action: simple_risk_form
  - active_loop: null
  - slot_was_set: 
    - requested_slot: null
  - action: utter_submit_risk
  - action: utter_risk_slots
  - action: risk_assessment

from the domain file

    - diagnosed_age
    - diagnosed_when
    - symptoms
    - runny

I am also getting:

? The bot wants to run 'action_unlikely_intent' to indicate that the las
t user message was unexpected at this point in the conversation. Check o
ut UnexpecTEDIntentPolicy (
d-intent-policy) to learn more. Is that correct? (Y/n)

The actions server is running What am I missing?

try to remove

- slot_was_set: 
    - requested_slot: null