Reminders set after session expiry doesn't run

I am trying to implement reminders in my chatbot, whose main channel of communication is Telegram. I noticed that if reminders scheduled time is after the session expires, then they never get fired, is there anyway to still send the reminders after the session expires?

Hi @HusamSadawi, have you considered increasing your session timeout? If a reminder is still relevant to the conversation, the other information in the tracker is probably also still relevant.

No, unfortunately I am only implementing reminder for ‘notification’ reasons where the chatbot asks the user to speak with him after some time. Unfortunately, I found out that rasa_core will check if the session is still active before sending a reminder, and discard it otherwise, it would be great to have an option to edit this behavior. For now I had to run my own action code to schedule reminders and sent them through the HTTP API.

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