RegexEntityExtractor & entities

my intent detect only the names that i listed in nlu.yml file., so it works for Paula and Luciana but doesn’t work for any other name like Antonio


  • intent: greet examples: |

domain.yml entities:

  • name

slots: name: type: text influence_conversation: true mappings: - type: from_entity entity: name


  • name: WhitespaceTokenizer

  • name: RegexFeaturizer

  • name: RegexEntityExtractor case_sensitive: False use_lookup_tables: False use_regexes: True use_word_boundaries: False

  • name: LexicalSyntacticFeaturizer

  • name: CountVectorsFeaturizer

  • name: CountVectorsFeaturizer analyzer: char_wb min_ngram: 1 max_ngram: 4

  • name: DIETClassifier entity_recognition: true epochs: 100 constrain_similarities: true

  • name: EntitySynonymMapper

  • name: ResponseSelector epochs: 100

I don’t think RegEx is a good choice for names. Take a look at this blog post on entity extraction and try the Spacy model for your Portuguese .

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Thanks for the information.