Regarding Sanic workers

Hello there , I have some doubts like what is sanic workers and where we need to do customization

as you can see the above screenshot what does it exactly means and how can i achieve that …

Hi @Beherasaptami. By default sanic will listen to the process using only 1 CPU. By increasing the number of workers you can enable your application to use more CPUs and therefore work faster.

You can configure this parameter by setting the environmental variable SANIC_WORKERS to a different number than 1. For example, to set it to 2 you can run in your command line:


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Hey @Juste Does that comment apply to websocket channel or only to http api?

@juste_petr on the above - should this number be tuned up for production and load testing?

Does it apply to all channels? Websocket, http, slack, twillio, etc?

hi @Beherasaptami , could you please help me in how to set the number of sanic workers ?