Increasing No. of SANIC User in Rasa Open Source

I am using Rasa open source how to change number of SANIC Users ? By default it is one

Any additional information about this is also welcome.

You can change the number of Sanic workers by setting the SANIC_WORKERS environment variable for the Rasa server and the ACTION_SERVER_SANIC_WORKERS environment variable for the Rasa Action server.

For the Rasa server, you can set the SANIC_WORKERS environment variable in your deployment environment. The default value is 1.

For the Rasa Action server, you can set the ACTION_SERVER_SANIC_WORKERS environment variable. The default value is also 1. Here is an example of how you can set these environment variables:


Remember to replace 2 with the number of workers you want to use.

I have Multiple Bots developed if i change the SANIC Workers does it apply for all

Assuming you meant a local development environment, running that command applies it only temporarily in current terminal. To make it persistent across all environments on your computer you would have to add it to your .bashrc file (if you are running macos/linux) like so:

## Persistent
echo "export SANIC_WORKERS=<number-of-sanic-workers>" >> ~/.bashrc
## If you're using a different flavor of bash e.g. Zsh, replace .bashrc with your shell's initialization script e.g. ~/.zshrc

or following command if you are on Windows:


It is not allowing to increase the SANIC Workers with default lockstore. Upon doing some research i found that we have to use Redis Lock Store. Can you guide me how to acheive this ?

Check the documentation here to learn how to configure a RedisLockStore.