Regarding custom buttons

Hi , I am trying to feed few data in dictionary format and get those values as button format in rasa and want to know how can do that suppose have one dict = {“a” : [“b”,“c”,“d”] , “e” :[“c”,“d”] } so if user chose as a then it should retrive 3 buttons as b,c,d and if user give input as e then it should fetch 2 buttons c and e …i am bit cofuse how to fetch like this …let me know how i can do like this

You can use a custom action (Actions) for that. The action is called after the user entered a message. In the custom action you decide which path you want to go. Depending on the path “a” or “e” you output either three or two buttons.

Or if “a” and “e” are actually different intents, you can also define your button templates already in your domain file (Domains) and add some stories to your training data that contain both paths. E.g.

* intent-a
  - utter_three_buttons
* intent-b
  - utter_two_buttons

Does that help?