Recommendations on resources for developing custom actions?

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Now that I am comfortable with the data formats on intents, entities and the stories, and also comfortable with the nlu usage, I want to learn more about the custom actions beyond writing the stories and checking the actions using rasa shell… but I don’t know where to start.

What is the best way to check the custom actions on script level? The method that seems to resonate with this goal is the agent.execute_action() but I don’t know the structure well to understand the arguments of this method.

Also, what are some pre-requisites to have on Python or good resources to know for developing the custom actions? I am a data scientist and in this paradigm I never needed or used stuff like:

  • The -> operator;

  • typing library;

  • async.

Can you recommend any resource to study taking these points into consideration?

What is the best way to check the custom actions on script level?
I’m not sure what you mean by this, but I’m assuming you’re asking how to write custom actions.

Lets go through the things you’re finding confusing first:

For all purposes, if you want to get started with custom actions, you can copy-paste and rewrite the insides of your functions and classes just fine. It’s more of a practice thing than anything, really.

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Thank you for all these guides! I am excited creating actions now at my work and I will surely read these materials as I really enjoying learning new techniques or technologies in the programming language itself.

There are multiple sources for async that come to mind. Here’s a few folks seems to like;

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Thank you, I read the documentation you provided and it gave me a better comprehension for working on a more robust code for my Python programs… and of course, it’s good to know what all these means when reading the Rasa source code.

Very interesting… I was always thinking that async = multithread, but the first video made it clear that that isn’t the case and also helped me learn a bunch of concepts. Thanks!

Some folks might go as far as saying “concurrency isn’t parallism … it’s better”.