Reclassifying intent from within form action

I have a form with an open-ended question for a slot that is often confused with other intents.

e.g., “What is your dog’s name?” to fill the pets_name slot.

User enters “Bad guy” for the slot name and that happens to pick up the intent of, say, ‘user.deny’ that has some similar training data. Since my validate() code is called, I’d like to reclassify the current intent as “inform” to be consistent with my training stories.

This is just one example. It can misclassify many different intents. Ideally, I’d like to do something like:

return [SlotSet(‘pet_name’, tracker.latest_message.get(‘text’)), SetIntent(‘inform’) ]

The second event would overwrite whatever the intent classifier came up with.

Any way to do something like this?