Slot mapping from_intent and from_text together

Hello, I am trying to use Forms. If the answer to slot_test was anything except for No (intent: deny) I want to prompt user with an extra message.

This is what I have in

class ValidateNameForm(FormValidationAction):
    def name(self) -> Text:
        return "validate_test_form"

    async def required_slots(
        slots_mapped_in_domain: List[Text],
        dispatcher: "CollectingDispatcher",
        tracker: "Tracker",
        domain: "DomainDict",
    ) -> Optional[List[Text]]:
        if tracker.slots.get("slot_test") is not False:
            required_slots = slots_mapped_in_domain + ['slot_test_2']
        return required_slots

however in domain.yml I can’t define the required slot slot_test with both types: from_intent, and from_test. I want to save the response as Slot in free text, but if the intent detected is deny then bot will ask an extra question. Anyone can help?

Why do you want to use from_text here?