Real-time Banking Chatbot

Hi Everyone,

I have been recently exploring Rasa and how I can use it to build a banking chatbot. I have a fair understanding of how it works in general.

However, I want to go deeper and build a sophisticated bot that can answer any general questions about a bank, such as what are the latest card offers?, what is the interest rate for housing loan?, what is the forex rate?, what documents do I need to apply for a loan? … and so on. Likewise there can be any question that a customer can ask.

My question is :

  1. Is it possible to connect to a bank’s realtime database and fetch the necessary information based on user’s query? For eg. if a user asks what are the latest card offers, the bot should be able to query the database and look for card_offers table and fetch relevant data. How to prepare the training set for this scenario ? And how to modify stories, nlu and domain file ?


Hi Saugat - welcome to the forum! You can write Custom Actions to query a database. You could also take a look at Knowledge Base Actions .

You might also find this Tutorial: Building Assistants useful for moving from a Q&A assistant to a contextual assistant.