RasaCoreServer object has no attribute 'handle_text'

Hi @Juste ,@tmbo,@akelad,

Ive created a weatherbot using version 7 of RASA,which was working perfectly fine.I have upgraded RASA (NLU : 0.13.8,CORE : 0.12.3 )

Im not able to get the response from the bot,it shows RasaCoreServer has no attribute ‘handle_text’

Here is my code snippet ::

@app.route(’/api/v1/<sender_id>/respond’, methods=[‘GET’, ‘POST’])

def respond(self, request, sender_id):
    request.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json')
    request.setHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*')
    request_params = request_parameters(request)
    print("=========Request PARam================: ",request_params)
    if 'query' in request_params:
    	message = request_params.pop('query')
    elif 'q' in request_params:
    	message = request_params.pop('q')
    	return json.dumps({"error": "Invalid parse parameter specified"})
        out = CollectingOutputChannel()
        print("***********", message, "====", out, "====", sender_id)

        response = self.handle_text(self, message, output_channel=out, sender_id=sender_id)

        response = UserMessage(message, out, sender_id)
        print("==UserMessage==", response.__dict__)
        print("TRY: " , response)
        return json.dumps(response)
    except Exception as e:
        logger.error("Caught an exception during parse: {}".format(e), exc_info=1)
        return json.dumps({"error": "{}".format(e)})

Attaching the screenshot of error …error_feb11

Please help me in resolving the issue…

Hi @Prabha please follow our migration guides in the docs to update your code. A lot of things have changed since that version.

Hi @akelad I’ve followed the migration guides in the docs and made all the necessary changes.But this is the only issue that I’m stuck with since the past 15 days… Because of this I’m getting an empty response whenever I hit it through postman,even though the bot is giving responses from the command line.Im not able to integrate it with my UI until this issue is resolved.Ive posted in both GitHub and RASA forums but couldn’t find the solution anywhere…

Please help me in resolving this issue @akelad

Have you tried running rasa core as a server through the command described here?

Hi @akelad, The issue is resolved…Thank you