Rasa X with Twilio Integration - Outgoing Message Not Received


I have configured my RASA X with Facebook, Twilio, and rest in the credentials file. I have successfully received message in RASA X conversations using Twilio number and response has been also generated by the user is unable to receive at their end. So How can we verify outgoing message setting.

Note: I have trail credit against US number.


I have followed this tutorial.

@Juste please reply or tag any relevant resource who can help me with this.

FYI: I am using a trail phone number so that might be a cause of this problem but just wanted to confirm. Message received successfully, the response generated but no response delivered to end-user means no outgoing.

Hi @Abdur-Rub, It looks like the initial message from the user is being received by Twilio., so is the problem that Rasa is generating a response and that response is not being sent by Twilio to the user?

Can you check your Twilio Logs in the Console? Are there any errors being reported there?

Yes exactly. Let me check twilio logs from there console

This is what you are asking about? There is just one log

cost has been deducted for inbound messages received. but no outbound happended. is this because of trail mode or free number?

In the upper right of the console there should be a bug icon. Clicking that button will show you the error logs for Twilio. Do you see any error messages there?

No, there is no error. I read about adding number into verified list of contacts in trail project. I have added it. restarted my server but its not working.

I tested the channel with a trial account and had no issues with sending/receiving messages. The only difference being messages I received were stamped with a notice it’s from a Twilio trial account. So I don’t think the trial account is the culprit.

Could you turn on debug mode and look at the logs for your Rasa X container? I wonder if there is an error being thrown on the Rasa side someplace.