Rasa x ui bot doesn't give an answer

do i have to retrain the model after editing endpoints.yml and credentials.yml ?

@sloka I guess, you need it to train as it will combined with the code and provide the desirable result for the same.

@sloka It should be same rasa and rasa-sdk as per current issue regarding rasa-x, rest is your call. But I would suggest that you should do as I said in previous thread.

i have the same issue after downgrading rasa

i installed rasa x on gcp and connected it to github and still have the same issue

@sloka share error please, and you now moved to GCP or you was working from the start on GCP?

@nik202 thanks a lot for trying to help me and sorry for my late reply( didn’t notice the notification ) i found the problem was i used " rule policy " in my config file but i did not set any forms

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@sloka please close this thread as solution for other user and good luck!