Rasa X Synonyms not added to Integrated Version Control

When I add a new synonym using Rasa X UI it is not added to my git repo after I press sync. In addition the sync status never becomes green anymore but stays orange. Just a little feedback here, since I didn’t know where to post this issue on Github

I also noticed some weirdness in 0.27.5 that I’m sure wasn’t there before. Maybe the problem just got fixed in 0.27.6?

I upgraded and tried it again but the problem persists

P.S. When I discard my changes the status goes back to green but also the added synonym gets deleted. All with the latest version as well

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Yes, I’m not sure Rasa X is ready for prime time. Either that or I don’t know how to use it! I find myself using the conversation log a lot then editing the source files using a text editor in my local dev environment. I’ve also been having a lot of trouble training a model inside Rasa X, and I use the model upload feature a lot.

This is still the case. Git commit is empty when the only changes include synonyms.