RASA X stories pagination

Hi, everyone. I was wondering if it is possible to have pagination when viewing stories in Rasa X? Like a next button or else. Because currently it shows 20 stories at max.

I observed that Rasa X sends a get request and has these query parameter, GET http://example.com/api/stories?q=&limit=20&offset=0

I’d appreciate any suggestion.

Which version of Rasa X are you on? If you scroll down in the list it should load more of your stories.

Hi @akelad, we’re using version 0.34.0 of Rasa X.


When I scroll down to the very bottom, it didn’t fetch the next story.

Hi @yaoshima you’re right, this is a bug, I was just able to reproduce it. I’ve opened an issue here: Rasa X doesn't load all stories · Issue #7597 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Hi, @akelad thanks for opening this issue at GitHub. We look forward to the updated version. For now, every time we want to create a new story, we need to note the story name. So in case, we want to edit it later, we can find it using the search bar.