Rasa checkpoints and stories problem

Hi gurus, I have a Rasa project with 25 stories or so, I basically ask the name of the user, then search things in a database, ask what he/she wants, and in certain point I have the classic “Do you need more help?” And if the answer is yes I have a checkpoint to the story just after the name question (I don’t want to ask the name again, of course). It works ok, but only 3 o 4 times. Then it starts to behave strangely, and finally gives me an action_default_fallback. I guess that the tracker starts to be too long and Rasa doesn’t recognize the stories anymore, but I’m not really sure. I’ve compared all the slots and states when it works and when it doesn’t (in ‘rasa interactive’, copying and pasting all slots info to a compare online page) , and all the slots are identical.

Any clues?

Thanks in advice.

I’ll reply myself in case somebody have the same issue. I solved the problem by changing the max_history parameter on the MemoizationPolicy, It was set on 20 and I changed it to 5. I guess that “watching” only 5 steps on the current conversation is enough to guess that the loop is coming, probably, (I really don’t know why it was on 20) and with 20 steps Rasa eventually didn’t find a story that long to compare and it didn’t know what story to follow, or something…