Rasa X runs with several Errors & Warnings

Hi, Your message which includes all the steps to download rasa and rasa x, it helped me to download both very smoothly, which i was trying to install for 10 days. Thankyou so much And @nik202 your guidance was also super helpful

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@dataman can you share me rasa --version whilst activating envi?

@dataman you not created any environment?

@dataman now share the error screenshot after running rasa x and clicking on talk to the bot, before that clean cache and cookies of your default browser ( recommend chrome)

@dataman I guess you environment whilst installing is not proper. Iā€™d recommendd to delete and start fresh process and do match all the compatibilities and if you got any issue share with me : Rasa X runs with several Errors & Warnings - #7 by vio_lovis

@nik202 This is my 5th time, doing this process again-again.

@dataman this is your basic mood bot or your own project?

@nik202 basic mood bot is working fine. This is Rasa Financial-demo bot

@nik202 Tell me what details you need, will share it here.

@dataman I do not need any further details, I just told you everything and even offer to support online (via google or zoom), but I guess you do not need it. Good luck !