Rasa-x password - rasa-x-helm setup

Hi everyone, just managed rasa x installation via Rancher from rasa-x-helm.

When connecting http://@IP_Ingress/login then password is requested… don’t know about which login it stands for.

I got the environment variable RASA_X_PASSWORD= in previous post but I guess this does not apply with rasa-x-helm. I rather updated the rasax.initialUser.password value from Rancher installation setup … but still stuck

Many thanks for your support. Best Regards

Hi @ORich! You’re right, with Helm you need to edit your values.yml as described in point 3 here Kubernetes / OpenShift - basically you should put this which you can then choose your password:

# rasax specific settings
    # initialUser is the user which is created upon the initial start of Rasa X
        # password for the Rasa X user
        password: "<safe credential>" 

Thanks @mloubser. Working fine once I deleted the install and restart the setup with password value hosted by key rasax.initialUser.password

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