Rasa X overwriting synonyms


Rasa X doesn’t seem to manage multiple different yaml files very well.

I have defined synonyms in a separate yaml file, and if a new synonym is identified, it adds it to the yaml file with the example instead of to the existing synonym list.

Is there a way to get Rasa X to identify the original file where the synonyms are defined, and just add to that list?

can you please share some code or example? I not get you. If you get the new synonyms you want to add it to the exisiting synonym list? If yes, you can write the custom code for that and pass the file path with the yml syntax and train the model. It will solve your issue, other wise you need to mannually. OR you need to check the Rasa X where is the synonyms file and then write the custom action code for the same. I hope you got some idea? Good Luck!

Hey @nik202

I have the following folder/file structure as an example:

- synonyms
-- numbers.yaml
-- problem.yaml
-- room.yaml
- inform_nlu.yaml
- general_nlu.yaml

I have various intents in different nlu files, and then in a subfolder various synonym.yaml files for each entity type.

In Rasa X, sometimes the synonyms get added to the bottom of the nlu.yaml file and then deleted from the existing synonym.yaml file.

I would like Rasa X to add the new synonyms as discovered through CDD to the existing list of synonyms as defined in the yaml file.

For example, to the bottom of this list:

- synonym: bedroom
  examples: |
    - bedrooms
    - bedrm
    - sleeping room
    - bdrm
    - bed room
    - bed
    - bdrms