Rasa x not running

Hello every one ! when am trying to run rasa x i always get these issues

Show us the output of rasa data validate

Okay, can you please send your domain and config files?

Also, make sure all your files are UTF-8 encoded. You can check this on the lower-right corner of Visual Studio Code.

All the files are UTF-8 encoded domain.yml (45.9 KB) config.yml (1.6 KB)

In your domain file, for utter_greet, remove the • points. For utter_ok, remove the :+1:. And see if it works then.

If not, try with another Rasa project like mine (it could also help you out if you wanna make a multilingual chatbot since you’re Tunisian :slight_smile:) or rasa init. Just to be able to pinpoint if the error is caused by the files or by Rasa.

I removed the point and the :+1: still the same issues, then I’ve trained another rasa project, and rasa x works fine !

Then maybe your files have something that isn’t right. Hopefully not an invisible character.

What’s your Rasa version? Try updating to 2.7.0, and try 2.3.0 (had some encoding trouble after 2.4). If it doesn’t work in any of these, maybe open an issue on GitHub.

If I integrate the bot with messenger do you think it works?

If rasa shell works then yes it should also work with Messenger.

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Hello Chris Rahme, how are you doing ? I create a database profile in rasa actions and i want to show the output of the base. image

What do you mean? What’s this database, what’s it format, and what do you mean by “output of the database”?