Rasa X mongo db

Is it possible to use Mongo DB (Atlas) as a tracker store for Rasa X? There is a default used upon docker-compose installation. Is it possible to safely overwrite it or add Mongo one in endpoints.yml?

Hi @argideritzalpea, yes that’s possible. Please have a look at the docs on Tracker Stores

@ricwo Thanks for the reply. The docs don’t state whether you can have multiple tracker stores, or if overwriting / or adding one to the Rasa X endpoints.yml will disrupt the configuration.

You can only use one tracker store at a time. So in your Rasa X endpoints.yml, you’d have to overwrite the default sql tracker store.

OK, and I am assuming then that swapping out the default sql will not disrupt the Rasa X service as long as the Mongo tracker store is working?

Exactly - you’ll still need a db container as a database for the Rasa X backend, but you are free to replace the tracker store with a Mongo DB one. This will not disrupt your Rasa X deployment as long as the Mongo DB service is available.

Thanks, @ricwo, I will try this out!

@argideritzalpea I’m working with something similar. Did this solution worked out for you ?

@ricwo I swapped the values for mongo but now I’m getting this error in db migration container

sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (psycopg2.OperationalError) could not translate host name "mongodb+srv:mongo_url" to address: Name or service not known

I have set my DB host as the URL for connecting to the mongo service

  x-database-credentials: &database-credentials
  DB_HOST: "mongodb+srv://mongo_url"