Rasa X is not working in Windows 10


Note: This solution is only recommended for the Mac Machine only--------- @RajithaBandara As suggested please follow this

Uninstalled Anaconda 2.x python version for a safer side or create the conda virtual environment with python 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8 please see this link: Installation

Do check that virtual environment have python 3.6 +

Now, you can follow above steps. I hope this will solve your issue.

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@nik202 thank you, I got through it

@RajithaBandara Did that worked ? :wink: have you tried it?

@nik202 yeah, I tried after removing the anaconda version and reinstall it with python 3.8 as recommended. problem sorted with the suggested combinations of Rasa :relaxed:… Thank you again for your support :handshake:

@RajithaBandara Happy to help you bro, and keep safe! :pray:

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@nik202 stay safe :slightly_smiling_face:

This worked for me!!! thank you!!!

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@cdrsociate No worries! :handshake: