Rasa X Interactive

Hi All,

I am facing a weird issue using rasa x interactive learning. after collect some conversations copy to rasa x interactive learning I noticed I start to get failing stories after run rasa test.

giving a deep look up to the stories I found the one generated by rasa x are different from the ones generated by command line interactive learning in how the FormActions are writing.

If I am using pure cmd IL (Interactive Learning) no failing stories, the same if I’m using pure rasa x IL So my conclusion is both are ok alone, but if you mixed both type of stories you start to get prediction issues in the stories.

Is there any way to prevent this situation? any way to convert those stories to be compatible between them, it takes too much time to manually go one story at a time.

Example with rasa x Interactive learning:

* agendar_servicio{"location":"miami","time":"2019-06-14T10:30:00.000-04:00"}
    - slot{"location":"miami"}
    - slot{"time":"2019-06-14T10:30:00.000-04:00"}
    - agenda_form
    - slot{"location":"Miami"}
    - slot{"time":"Fri, 14 Jun 2019 14:30:00 GMT"}
    - slot{"requested_slot":null}
    - slot{"requested_slot":null}
    - action_next

Example with command line Interactive learning:

* agendar_servicio{"location": "miami", "time": "2019-06-14T11:30:00.000-04:00"}
    - slot{"location": "miami"}
    - slot{"time": "2019-06-14T11:30:00.000-04:00"}
    - agenda_form
    - form{"name": "agenda_form"}
    - slot{"location": "Miami"}
    - slot{"time": "Fri, 14 Jun 2019 15:30:00 GMT"} 
    - form{"name": null}
    - slot{"requested_slot": null}
    - action_next

Hm, this looks like a bug in rasa x IL, I will look into it and get back to you. Just to make sure, is the - form{"name": null} in the second one actually in line with everything else?

There is also no - form{"name": "agenda_form"}

After the - agenda_form

Thanks for your help

Yes, they are it was me, everything is in line

Cool. Yeah I caught the lack of the - form{"name": "agenda_form"}, and it looks like its writing - slot{"requested_slot":null} instead of - form{"name": null}. Sorry this isn’t working correctly right now!

Then, the correct way (as it is in the docs) are the ones from command line Interactive learning Correct?

Are we going to see an update from rasa x soon? considering training is key for our bots


Yes, the correct ones are from the CLI, there should always be a form start - form{"name": "agenda_form"} and form deactivation event - form{"name": null}. There is actually a rasa x release planned very soon, but I’m not sure if our engineers knew about this bug until today, so it’s unlikely the fix will make that release. It should be in an upcoming release though.