Rasa X - how to connect to socketio using agent?

So in earlier rasa version, if i wanted to use socketio or webhooks, i would load an agent by pointing it to the folder where the trained dialogue was. But in new rasa x, i haven’t seen anything related to this dialogue folder. There is just the models folder. So how would i go about using the agent ? Or am i going about this wrong?

Example in earlier rasa version we would do something like this: agent = Agent.load("./models/dialogue", interpreter=interpreter) input_channel = SocketIOInput(#required params) agent.handle_channel(HttpInputChannel(8080, “/bot”, input_channel))

so how would i go about loading the agent in rasa x?

Hi! Rasa X is not compatible with the Python API. Please add the channel info in a credentials.yml - more info in the docs.

Can I get some more explanation, or a sample code? Like how would I connect my front end to the chatbot? (Something similar to what Justene had done here in the run_app.py, but for rasa x)

Any update on this? I’m experiencing a similar problem after updating to the latest version of Rasa

Same question here. Any updates?

I uploaded a model for a certain Rasa X instance and now I want to be able to access that model (agent) from an external frontend.

How can I do that?