Rasa X (docker-compose) cant be added to external channel like whatsapp?

If I run rasa X via docker-compose. It does not seem that I can connect the bot to an external channel e.g whatsapp? The webhook http://xxx.ngrok.io/webhooks/twilio/webhook does not work. However it does work if I use Rasa X local. I also tried adding 5005:5005 in the docker-compose but that does no work either.

Is this possible? If so , how do I connect the bot to an external channel if I implement the bot via docker-compose … or any other containerized solution?

thanks john

@yxs8495 can you share the docker-compose image file? Are you using docker only or Github also?

I am using both docker-compose and github. If one uses Rasa X docker-compose I thought github was the only way? My docker-compose file is simply the default.

Also I noticed that during Rasa X installation my RASA_HOME variable is ignored. docker-compose.yml (5.2 KB)

Anyone else, who found that RASA_HOME is ignored, can solve it by changing the last line in install.sh, which calls sudo by adding the -E flag.