Rasa x Checking List and replying Customers

Hi This Is Murtuza Kantawala here Now if we created an intent in which it consist of List of Equipment’s so when the User type the Equipment name so the bot should check the intent list of Equipments and should reply in response that whether we provide loan for that Equipment or not hows that possible

Hi @murtuza can you please share the intent list or file or share some example like bot/user conversation what is your use case?

“Automatic Feeding system”, “Baler”, “Blower”, “Brooder Equipment”, “Cattle”, “Chaff Cutter”, “Chemical Nutrients”, “Chilling machine”, “Combine Harvester”, “Compost Spreader”, “Compressed Air System”, “Cream Separator”, “Cultivator”, “Daal Mill”, “Disc Harrow”, “Disc Plough”, “Dozer Blade”, “Drip Irrigation”, “Egg Handling Equipment”, “Farm Packer”, “Farm Pond Paper”, “Fertilizer”, “Fertilizer + Chemical Nutrients”, “Fertilizer Broadcaster”, “Flour Mill”, “Fogger System”, “Haramba Thresher”, “Harrow”, “Hatcher”, “Insulated van”, “Land Leveler”, “Laser Leveler”, “Loader”, “Maize Thresher”, “Mechanical Seed Driller”, “Milking Machine”, “Mini Chilli Plant”, “Mini Dal Plant”, “Mini Groundnut Plant”, “Mini Harvester”, “Mini Millets Plant”, “Mini Rice Plant”, “Mini Turmeric Plant”, “Normal Pump”, “Oil Mill”, “Pedal Cart”, “Piston Pump”, “Plough”, “Poly House”, “Power Harrow”, “Power Tiller”, “Power Weeder”, “Push Cart”, “Reaper”, “Reaper Binder”, “Rethela Cart”, “Reverse Plough”, “Rice Mill”, “Roller”, “Rotary Mulcher”, “Rotary Slasher”, “Rotary Tiller”, “Rotavator”, “Seed”, “Seed + Chemical Nutrients”, “Seed + Fertilizer”, “Seed Grader”, “Shade”, “Shade net”, “Shrub Cutter”, “Shrub master”, “Solar Fencing”, “Solar Heater”, “Solar Pump”, “Solar light”, “Sprayer”, “Sprinkler Set”, “Straw Reaper”, “Stubble Shaver”, “Submersible pump”, “Sugarcane Harvester”, “Threshing Machine”, “Trailer”, “Trailer, Rotavator, Disc harrow”, “Turbine Pump”, “Ventilation Controller”, “Water Equipment”, “Water Tanker”

@murtuza What is this ? are you using lookup table? this is just the list, where you have mention this can you share the screenshot please?

@nik202 now this is the list Now what i want is When the Customers Enters the Equipment Name Which doesnt Exist in this list so bot should reply that we dont provide loan for this equipment

Here is how i am adding Equipments

@murtuza mean you only want to reply for the equipment which is in your list? and apart from that you want to trigger the fall back right?

yes means if customers enters the Equipment name which is not on the list then will response Sorry we dont provide loan for this Equipment

@murtuza Can I share you one solution, I trust you; you will be able to customise as per your use case, you just need to change the location value to equipment and some basic training example. Please first see this video, if you able to archive then its fine, else I will guide you other process. Ref: HOW TO EXTRACT NAMES IN RASA X | LOOKUP TABLE | INNOVATE YOURSELF - YouTube

First of all @nik202 In this Video he is working on domain and nlu file right and its working in my case i m writing such things then its not working at all so how to solve that problem first

@murtuza share some related files for our reference then, we can comment and suggest you!

@nik202 Can we do one thing Nik and please help me out with this First we will proivde 3 Buttons that is our company product

  1. Equipment Financing
  2. Input Financing
  3. Invoice Financing these 3 Buttons Should get displayed on the chatbot and if customer click on any of these 3 buttons we can provide an link or navigation to that particular page where he can book a loan so how to do that please help me out with that

@murtuza Yeps, that make a lot of sense and can minimise the overhead coding, and that will be the clean process for the end users and you not need to maintain any further database; re-directing always help :slight_smile: You want some code for that? Yes or No?

Yes Obviously

@murtuza Sure, give me some time for your code customisation :slight_smile:

In domain.yml

 - equipment_financing
 - input_financing
 - invoice_financing 

    - buttons:
        - payload: /equipment_financing
          title: 'Equipment Financing'
        - payload: /input_financing
          title: 'Input Financing'
        - payload: /invoice_financing 
          title: 'Invoice Financing'
      text: Select the menu.

    - text: you selected [Equipment Financing](https://rasa.com)
    - text: you selected [Input Financing](https://rasa.com)
  utter_ask_invoice_financing :
    - text: you selected [Invoice Financing](https://rasa.com) 

In stories.yml

version: '2.0'
  - story: equipment_financing menu
      - intent: get_started
      - action: utter_welcome_message
      - action: utter_menu
      - intent: equipment_financing
      - action: utter_ask_equipment_financing

  - story: input_financing menu
      - intent: get_started
      - action: utter_welcome_message
      - action: utter_menu
      - intent: input_financing
      - action: utter_ask_input_financing

  - story: invoice_financing menu
      - intent: get_started
      - action: utter_welcome_message
      - action: utter_menu
      - intent: invoice_financing
      - action: utter_ask_invoice_financing

Please, do check the code and syntax again and if you not able to run, please buzz me @ nik202 and good luck!

Note: Can language and stories as per your use case, I have just provided the demo code for your reference (just copy and paste at your own risk :wink: )

@nik202 I am getting an error ie Training Failed (Your Model Training Has Failed)

@murtuza can you please share the error? and even share the logs?

See i am sending you the screen shot

@murtuza can you train the model, while using command prompt using rasa train --debug ?

Step:1 Activate environment

Step:2 Go to project folder

Step:3 run rasa train --debug

Please delete all the previous trained model and if you see any error, please share me the logs screenshot.

i had done that also but the initial model get trained and the changes which i do as per requirement gets deleted automatically