Rasa X changes the domain file and slots order in forms

Hi, After run the rasa locally i tried run it on rasa x. But when i train the model on rasa x it rearranged everything in the domain file by their name in alphabetically ascending order as a result all the slots in the form also getting rearranged that causing the problem for me because i never getting the required slots on desired place. So what can i do to stop rasa x rearranging my domain file and also it changes the button format to old version so, buttons are not displaying during conversation.



Hi Rahul,

This is a known issue that is being worked on. Don’t have a release date yet for the fix.


Hey @stephens Thanks for your response. Hope this will resolved in next rasa x version. Also we already have rasa-sdk 2.1.2 version when will we get rasa 2.1.2 version ?

Please notify me when you resolved this issue. So that i can continue my work on rasa x .

The rasa-sdk and rasa patch versions are not intended to stay in sync. There are more updates to the rasa package.

Is there a github issue tracking this issue? +1 on fixing this.

It would be nice to have access to the formatter on command line to format the yaml files on demand.

rasa data format yaml?