Rasa 2.0 form order changes to alphabetical when starting Rasa X

Hello, I am filling a form that asks five questions. So in my domain.yml I defined that form and the slots that should be filled. But as soon as I start Rasa X it changes the order of the slots in the form to an alphabetical order - that makes the whole form a little chaotic. How do I prevent that?

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Hi @jbrix! This is a bug. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I created an issue for it and put it in the backlog of one of our engineering squads to tackle

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As a potentially related issue, when I start Rasa x (local mode, version 0.33.2) it removes the line “version: 2.0” from the top of my domain.yml file – every time I launch rasa x.

Hi @ftarlaci. This also sounds like a bug. Can you please create a bug report here?

Is this fixed? this bug drove me quite crazy :shushing_face:

I stil have this problem in 0.35.0. I “fixed” this by using alphabetical naming of the slots. a_slot, b_slot… not the best way, but it works for now :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing your experience! By a silly coincidence my form was already mostly sorted alphabetically. Except for a single entry at the second point. So it was not easy to spot for me. I had a hunch, checked the forum and saw your post.

So I tried your method and it worked. Thanks!