Rasa X - Adding custom actions


For a school project, I’m making use of Rasa-X and am trying to set up custom actions. (I installed Rasa-X through Docker by following this tutorial: Docker Compose Installation)

While trying to set up custom actions, I’m following this tutorial: Adding Custom Actions In this tutorial and several other examples that I tried, they all refer to a data folder. I understand that the data folder contains several files such as intents and stories. However, in the current state of my project, this folder does not exist. (I’m aware that I can manually export these through Rasa-X but I’m assuming that these should be automatically saved somewhere?) Is there a way to generate these files or can all of this be done through the Rasa-X UI?

My project structure looks as follows: unknown

I’m very new to Rasa-X and Docker so sorry if I’m asking a stupid question :upside_down_face:

Thanks in advance!



I just completed setting up RASA X on docker and I hope that I am able to help.

I saw the link that you posted for adding custom actions and it seemed to me that it’s more for normal RASA. I believe you are using Integrated Version Control (where RASA X pulled the codes from Github) and therefore you may modify the stories in your stories.yml on Github (I am not sure if you can also modify it in RASA X UI itself)

Let me know if you still need more clarifications. Always happy to help :slight_smile: