Rasa with CustomActions --> Entities array is returned empty


We’re using RASA with CustomActions, in Hebrew language.

We manage to extract the intent correctly in the CustomAction, by calling:

user_intent = tracker.latest_message.get('intent').get('name')

However, we get an empty Entities array when trying to extract the entities out:

user_entities = tracker.latest_message.get('entities')

Following are the relevant NLU parts in the nlu.md and stories.md files:




Can you please support us with that?
Why the Entities array is returned empty?

Thanks ahead,
Newt Team

Hey @sgino209, can you show me the config file you’re using? And a debug log of when you send the message to the bot would be great as well. Does it never extract any entities? Or only sometimes not?

Hi Akela,

We have managed to solve this issue by ourselves, so no further action is required.

Newt Team