Rasa with Asterisk (Voice Assistant to phone)

Dear community

First of all, thank you for being so helpful. I’ve found lot’s of solutions from the forum and the github obviously. I am so excited of the Rasa X!

I’ve been working now for couple of months on my freetime to connect Rasa to phone - inspired by great Medium post = Building your own Duplex AI agent using Rasa and Twilio

Now I’ve set up everything until Asterisk and also the end = Rasa (with Slack already set up). The issue for me is that lack of coding skill is preventing me to connect now Rasa and Asterisk through Google Cloud Speech.

I am asking that does anyone know there exists any to use solutions for this to try out to build my own Duplex AI. OR if you’re talented and would like help me to learn more, where should I start to look around to solve the problem. Because I am now clueless where to start to “solve” this. How to code the integration.

Idea for me now is that from Asterisk, I would have a custom code first translating the speech to text (ASR) and sending it to rasa through rasa HTTP API. Then return of the rasa would then be turned to voice with STT (Google) and streamed to the phone call. But should I use ARI, AMI, AGI? Or even something else from Asterisks end.

Wow. This expanded a little bit. Hopefully this made any sense.