Adding telephony based voice

Are there any more recent suggestions for how to connect RASA to a telephony channel. I’ve read the blog post on Twilio but curious if there are others.

I’ve made a modification of this tutorial for asterisk using a dialplan and agi:


from asterisk.agi import *
import requests
import json

agi = AGI()
path = agi.get_variable("RECORDED_FILE") + ".wav"
response ='http://localhost:5005/webhooks/voip_rasa/webhook', json ={"path": path})
jsn = response.json()
agi.set_variable("BOTRESPONSE", jsn['text'])

The connector (I forgot where I found how to do this) class:

class VoipRasa(InputChannel):

  def name(cls):
      return 'voip_rasa'

  def blueprint(self, on_new_message):
      voip_webhook = Blueprint('voip_webhook', __name__)
      @voip_webhook.route("/", methods=['GET'])
      async def health(request):
          return response.json({"status": "ok"})
      @voip_webhook.route("/webhook", methods=['POST'])
      async def receive(request):
          payload = request.json
          path = payload['path']
          message = stt(path)
          out = CollectingOutputChannel()
          await on_new_message(UserMessage(message, out))
          responses = [m["text"] for m in out.messages]
          txt = responses[0]
          r = {"text": txt}
          return response.json(r)
      return voip_webhook

I got the wav file with the Record function. I used Festival for the tts.

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Hi @Gehova,

Your tutorial is great. You have tried it for Google Speech Recognition and GTTS ?

Hi, there is a solution from Tenios to enable an existing chatbot for the telephone channel. The solution can be found on the website: Voice Bot API