Rasa Webchat: How to open url in a new tab in browser directly without user's click

I have deployed a rasa bot on my website with Webchat. Here are coffee maker from $ 100.0 to $

As indicated in the above image, when user click the link, it will open the url in a new tab in the browser.

The question is how to open this url directly in a new tab as a bot’s response that user doesn’t need to click it? For example,

User: show me a product xxx.

Bot: open a specific website directly in a new tab from browser.

p.s. the bot is deployed on GCP. And I have tried webbrower.open(a url) But it talks to the browser on GCP server. The expected result is to open a new tab in users’ browser.

Maybe with an action, called from the intento.

I am using botfront/rasa-webchat at GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront.

Sorry, intent.

@alinalizhang this is a really interesting approach, whilst the suggested hyperlink response should be open in a new window instead user clicking the link. But unfortunetly, whilst using bot front you can not archive this approach, as far as I have seen the other online bots, do you have any know chatbot or working chatbot online? I’m not denying that It can’t be possible. I just want to highlight some points to you that the botfront widget is developed using react components if you have some hands-on experience then you can clone the repo and customize the code as per your use case. This issue is much-related front-end not related to rasa and rasa is not even managing the botfront repo. I hope this will give you a better idea? If you have any further doubt please feel to message me and please add @ nik202. Good Luck!

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@nik202 Good point. The solution could be to clone the botfront/webchat repo, modify the code, then set up a socket server. wondering do you have experience with React? because I don’t have any experience with the front-end and need help with it.

@alinalizhang yes, unfortunately, I have experience and expertise :stuck_out_tongue: in react but this is a rasa forum. @alinalizhang Again, I’d highly recommend that go by the current Chabot trend.