Rasa webchat customisation

Can someone tell me how to add mic icon, attachment button and animation in rasa webchat widget.

The scalable minds chatroom widget supports speech to text with a mic icon as long as you are running it on https and with the Chrome browser.

For attachments, you would need to implement this and you would not be sending the attachment itself to Rasa. You would have some other service that accepts the attachment and stores it and probably let the rasa bot know that the attachment was uploaded via a slot.

I’m not clear how you want to use an animation, I assume this would be as part of a response. Normally, this is done as a link to a video.

I want a widget in the right corner of my page but with this code the widget is not happening. Can you please tell the process of sending attachments in details with examples. And for animation I need floating button and chat menu animation