Rasa unable to classify messages

I’ve uploaded a trained model that comes with rasa init. Checked that it works using rasa shell locally before. But when I upload it to a new Rasa X setup I get hung up on this:-

And when I look at the rasa-production logs I see this:

So I went to verify with domain and the tables sure enough have the intents set. I can’t for the life of me figure out where what’s going wrong. I went into production pod to run a curl and the response was “[]”.

@thundersparkf Hey, What is your rasa version? rasa --version

Rasa: 2.8.2 and Rasa X: 0.42.0. I’ve trained the model locally on 2.8.2 and uploaded it.

@thundersparkf try rasa x version 0.39.3 and then train and run.

With the 2.8.2 rasa version?

@thundersparkf yes rasa and rasa-sdk 2.8.2 or 2.8.1 but it should have rasa x 0.39.3.

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Thank you so much it works. What’s up with the 0.42 release?

@thundersparkf No worries. Will update you as I got the information.

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