Rasa train


I understand that we need to run ‘rasa run actions’ for a modification in action.py and ‘rasa train’ for a change in nlu.md .

But my question is do I need to train the whole model again in case I change something in

  • domain.yml


  • stories.md ?

hi @PalGitts - yes, if you change the stories (training data) or domain, you will have to re-train the dialogue model. Though if you haven’t changed anything to do with NLU, that will be skipped.

Is your model taking a long time to train?

Yes, I was training with 15 intents and 16 entity along with DIETClassifier. It is taking almost 13-15 sec per iteration. May be as I am using pretty old Laptop and training is done on a non English language using FastText vectors.

On the Positive side the accuray of intent classification and NER is pretty much satisfactory.