Rasa train not working

Hi! all, I am not able to understand this sudden error while doing rasa train. What could be the reason of it

Could you attach any regexes or lookup tables you have? Looks like a regular expression isn’t compiling correctly.

Thanks for the reply @erohmensing . This the lookup table I have and I am working in rasa 2.5

There are two things here:

What I think is caeusing your issue is the regex on line 300. {5} means some pattern repeated 5 times. For example on like 299, that pattern matches a 5-digit number, since [0-9] matches any digit. On like 300 though, you just have “match x repeated 5 times” without the x.

Also, References to external files for lookups aren’t supported in Rasa 2.0. You’ll have to add your entries for leave_type inline (you can copy and paste the contents of lookup_tab.yml into nlu.yml instead of the lines 302 and 303

It worked for me thanks :grinning: